Improves yield and size by acting on photosynthesis and increases resistance to climatic stress

At the INRA of Versailles, it has been possible to demonstrate repeatedly and significantly an increase of +10 to +20% in the capture of photoassimilated carbon induced by ECOBIOS®.

At the CNRS of Gif, what has been highlighted is the positive effect on the maintenance of the natural hydration of the membranes.

Lipotonin® allows

  • 1- A healing and regenerative effect when applied after hail or phytotoxicity.
  • 2- Increase biomass by 17%.
  • 3- Slow down the lowering of the water potential in hot and dry periods.
  • 4- Have a better assimilation of mineral fertilisation and trace elements, as well as a decrease in residual NO3 residues in the leaves and in the soil.
  • 5- Have better resistance to climatic, chemical and disease stresses for improved visual appearance: a significant gain of 1/2 to 1 point in clarity.
  • 6- Increase the carbon content, which leads to an average yield increase of +10%, i.e. a gain of 4.6 T/ha (carbon representing up to 80% of the dry matter of a plant).
  • 7- Obtain a better homogeneity of sizes.

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