ECOBIOS® Zn improves germination and rooting, increases vigour and reduces the duration of vulnerability to seed predators.

ECOBIOS® Zn is a product from natural origin, developed in collaboration with several scientists from INRA and CNRS.

ECOBIOS® Zn improves the germination capacity, allows a better development of the root system, especially the pivot, and favours the early synthesis of exudates for the interaction with bacteria and mycorrhiza.

The side effect of ECOBIOS® Zn, which is highly appreciated by users, is to shorten the critical period against seedling pests

Lipotonine® allows to

  • 1- Accelerate germination and rooting (tested at CNRS on corn and sunflower).
  • 2-To greatly reduce stress and deficiencies induced at the weaning stage of maize and to homogenise growth.
  • 3-Decrease moisture content at harvest (from -0.3% to -1.5%) on cereals, allowing earlier threshing.
  • 4-Saves on lifting time (1 to 5 days depending on the year and the region)
  • 5-Improve uniformity, quality and yields (+4% to 5% on average) up to +6 quintals AGPM (General Association of Maize Producers)
  • 6-Gives the plants a higher initial vigour which reduces the sensitivity of the seeds to pest attacks (+45% of healthy plants in the presence of leafminers)

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