Secures and strengthens the circulation of sap

The Fortisève ® infusion system conveys phenols and revitalising substances into the vine that are responsible for inducing a form of compartmentalisation within the affected vines.

Compartmentalisation mobilises the vine’s reserves to save the stock. It is necessary to stimulate photosynthesis with Ecobios® in foliar application to repay this energy loan.

Fortisève® allows to

  • 1- Increase the life span of vines with ESCA-type internal rot symptoms. Trials show efficacy up to 3 years > without recurrence.
  • 2- Work to ensure that symptoms do not appear on vines identified in year N-1 (tape marking or accurate and easy automated tracking with hyper-spectral sensors such as those developed by Carbonbee).
  • 3- Act as a “firefighter” when the emergency due to the appearance of apoplectic forms of ESCA occurs.
  • 4- When they are infused in time, as soon as symptoms appear, compartmentalisation blocks the degradation of sap flow and allows the emergence of green foliage.
  • 5- Avoid rejuvenation of the plot or loss of yield due to grubbing up and/or non-replacement. Fortisève maintains a good level of production without a drop in quality.
  • 6- Contribute to the ECOPHYTO 2025 plan by limiting the use of inputs. This fertilising complex, composed of plant extracts and boron, is used exclusively on vines showing symptoms.

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