Improves pollen fertility and accelerates flowering for better graded fruit

Lipotonin®, the active ingredient of ECOBIOS® FLOWERS, allows the proline active on pollen fertility to be transported inside the membranes.

Thanks to the direct involvement of “vectorised” proline and its availability in the plant, ECOBIOS® FLOWERS allows the evolution towards inflorescence, resistance to thermal stress and plays a determining role in fruiting.

A product developed in collaboration with the INRA in Dijon that stimulates floral fertility by accelerating and homogenising flowering.

Lipotonin® allows

  • 1- The acceleration and the homogenisation of the flowering process
  • 2- The limitation of the risks of coulure and millerandage
  • 3- The acceleration of the fall of flower caps
  • 4- The shortening of the sensitive period for early Botrytis infections
  • 5- Homogenisation of the phenological stage of the bunches
  • 6- To avoid yield losses due to climatic events during flowering

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